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  • Professional Chiropractic Marketing Coach

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  • Professional Chiropractic Marketing Coach

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  • Weekly Email Marketing Campaigns (Hands-Free)

  • Professional Chiropractic Marketing Coach

  • Customized Patient Education Database 

  • Testimonial Video Campaigns

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  • Professional Chiropractic Marketing Coach

  • Personalized Marketing Calendar

  • Customized Marketing Material

  • Social Media Marketing (Content)

  • & much more!

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"Tony is a top performer! His long history in the chiropractic profession uniquely qualifies him to create timely, personalized marketing promotions that emphasize your unique practice style and messaging, bringing you more of the ideal patients you truly desire." ~ Dr. Mike Frezza

"I recommend Tony and his team because I am a doctor and my specialty is neurology and health NOT marketing! I leave that to the professionals! Tony's team consistently is able to take my thoughts/vision and turn them into effective, beautiful and customized marketing materials and websites."  ~ Dr. Amanda Jordan

"Great company and great leader. They are quick and they do take care of you. Would recommend for anyone." ~ Dr. Mohamed Karim

"Tony has been great to work with. He's very responsive to tweaks and changes for our website and is a WEALTH of knowledge when it comes to creative ways to get our message out and attract our ideal clients in our target market." ~ Michelle McCarley

"The team at Chiropractic Video Marketing goes above and beyond to help with all aspects of your website and any promotional material that you might need!  I'm so glad I made the switch!" ~ Dr. Robert Vallandingham

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Our Chiropractic Story

Our Chiropractic Story


Having grown up 4.9 miles from Palmer Chiropractic College, Tony Seymour's personal experience and passion for chiropractic started at a very early age.  Since the time Tony was 7 years old he has been under chiropractic care and as a teenager he would visit Palmer Chiropractic College on a regular basis (sometimes up to 2-3 times per week).  He was exposed to the gift of chiropractic from a very early age. 

Tony Seymour
After college Tony joined the United States Air Force where he served a four-year tour in Europe and an additional four years stateside.  After which time he was headed back to Palmer Chiropractic College to start the journey to becoming a chiropractor when he was introduced to a chiropractic management company, who saw his passion for chiropractic and offered him a position as a chiropractic business & marketing coach. One year later Tony was actively coaching 90 chiropractic offices a week and went on to become management company's Coach of the Year, Heritage Director, and the company's Quality Assurance Officer.

During his time at the company, Tony personally coached 400+ chiropractic offices, taught marketing classes to 1000's of doctors across the nation & internationally, and from time to time even was invited to teach a chiropractic philosophy course to chiropractors and their staff members (CA's). Yep, pretty ironic. Tony was sidetracked from attending Palmer Chiropractic College only to turn around and teach chiropractic classes to chiropractors. If nothing else Tony learned that God truly does have a good sense of humor and does eventually provide for the desire He put in your heart in the first place.  Tony's passion was then and remains now to make a worldwide difference in the lives of others with the gift of chiropractic.

After 15 years of coaching, directing, teaching, and overseeing several branches of a national chiropractic marketing company it was time for a change. Tony had mastered the art of marketing chiropractic offices.  In every single type of market in the United States, Canada, and Mexico Tony's marketing strategies and principles dominated the local markets.  Yes. It was a super cool experience.


However, after being introduced to and trained by some very high-ranking members of a multi-million dollar national marketing firm, Tony knew it was time to help chiropractors dominate their markets on the digital (online/mass media) front. It was time to flip the switch to the 21st-century: SEO Website Video Marketing.  It is the one thing that all multi-million dollar and multi-billion dollar companies have in common yet chiropractic and chiropractors were left standing outside by spinal screening booths without a pot to pee in. Tony made up his mind.  Those days were over for chiropractic, completely over.  It was time to raise the bar and dominate the healthcare airways for chiropractic one market at a time. Yes, chiropractic needed marketing leadership in the most advanced form of marketing on the planet, video marketing.  


That's when Tony and his team formed Leadership Meetings LLC., a Chiropractic Video Marketing Team that connects the power of video marketing with the best SEO developers in the nation to create pure chiropractic website SEO domination. Since that time, our Chiropractic Video Marketing Team has worked with the nation's best website designers, SEO experts, and the best video marketing gurus in the nation.

We are the team that is dedicated to making chiropractic famous, one doctor at a time! 

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